Minnie Me

Minnie Me

A model is comparable to a piece of fine china in terms of durability. You can handle them without much worry, but they will break if dropped on the ground. The models are not waterproof and will get water spots if spilled on.

Models should be kept away from continuous exposure to bright lights, especially direct sunlight.

Models are often considered as an heirloom representing an unforgettable moment in your life, and should be treated as such.

We do provide glass casings for your models as an additional extra to maximise presentation and longevity, we can also strengthen the models by way of a 3D gloss coat.

It is our duty to maximise quality, therefore the tailor printed circular bases displayed on the models can be added to the model prints, these bases provide added stabilisation & structural support.

We can also strengthen the models by way of a 3D strengthening gloss coat.

Currently we can accentuate features such as tattoos, we can also diminish unwanted tattoos or scars. By virtue of seizing the moment in its truest form, cosmetic modifications are not available.

A maximum of 4 people can be captured at any one time.

Any group consisting of more than 4 people will be completed in a number of separate captures, e.g a family of 6 could be completed in two separate captures of 3 people each, and can be joined together after.

A capture is the 3D generated file we produce using your impression when you stand in the Studio; when you are happy with the capture we send it off to get printed, the print is the physical real life model you receive.

We generally allow 30 minutes for each session,that is inclusive of time of arrival to leaving the studio. Although the capture itself takes only 1 second, we allow ample time to get changed, and to take many captures until you find the one you love the most.

BEST TO WEAR More detailed clothing with patterns etc

BEST TO WEAR Clothing with logos & unique prints

BEST TO WEAR Bright colored clothing

BEST TO WEAR Flat shoes, runners or wedge heels

1 week

1 – 2 weeks

2 – 3 weeks

4 – 6 weeks standard, can be rush printed for 2 – 4 weeks.

This lead time is required as our printing is completed in California with the same state of the art 3D printers used to print the costumes & props for many blockbuster Hollywood movies; this provides our clients with the finest finished product possible.

They are a gypsum powder bonded together at .01mm at a time, the finished product has a ceramic type finish.


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