Sentimental Ceramic

Mini Figurines

Mini Figurines

Starting as our original product and still the most popular, the ceramic prints are the most powerful way to capture and recreate precious once in a lifetime moments. They look spectacular next to traditional photos and are a stand out item in any household.

Full Colour

Full Colour

Printed in full colour, these are the most accurate depiction of any moment in time.



From the wedding ring down to that logo on your shirt, the detailing in these prints are amazing.

Family Heirloom

Family Heirloom

The ceramic finish provides the warmth of a treasured family ornament.
Mini Figurines

Simple Process


Enquire to reserve a time slot


Smile & strike a pose for 1 second


Get 3D printed from the ground up


Receive, enjoy & let your friends know


“A family photo the kids were happy to get done”
“I didn’t think it was possible for mum & dad to love me anymore, but I think they do now”
“I love my mini me, he watches the studio when I’m not in”

1 Person

$797.5 CM
  • $159 – 12.5 CM
  • $249 – 17.5 CM
  • $349 – 22.5CM

2 People

$1497.5 CM
  • $279 – 12.5 CM
  • $419 – 17.5 CM
  • $579 – 22.5CM

3 People

$2197.5 CM
  • $369 – 12.5 CM
  • $539 – 17.5 CM
  • $749 – 22.5CM

4 People

$2597.5 CM
  • $439 – 12.5 CM
  • $629 – 17.5 CM
  • $879 – 22.5CM
  • Any group consisting of more than 4 people will be completed in a number of separate captures, e.g. a family of 6 could be completed in two separate captures of 3 people each, and can be joined together after.
  • Accessories = Anything extra that is held by a person in the capture e.g. a handbag, toddler, small pet, soccer ball etc.
  • Small accessory – Anything up to the standard size of a 12-month-old baby = $39
  • Large accessory – Anything from the standard size of a 12-month-old baby to a 2 year old child = $59
  • Extra person – Anything from the standard size of a 2-year-old child to a full grown human.
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